Can't access Team Yaml page


When I try to browse to the Team Yaml page of our organization, I’m getting this error:

The Invoices page is also broken. We’re on the free tier for now, so it’s not a big deal.

It seems Codecov is confusing those urls (yaml, invoices) with name of repositories, but not for the pages for users.

I can however browse to our Yaml History page without any problem.

Here’s some other information, in case that might help.

  • We have not granted private repo access, but we do have some.
  • We do not have a repo named yaml under our organization.
  • I’m an an activated user in Codecov.
  • I did edit the Team yaml once a month ago, but that was before I switched our billing system from org to user based billing.

I’m on macOS and am getting these errors in both Chrome and Brave (chromium variant)



Here’s some extra information:

  • under our Github org/Installed Github Apps/Codecov, we’re giving access to a subset of our repositories.
  • I did notice that under our Github org/Third-Pary Access/Codecov, we did not grand private data access, which sounds right since we did not give private repo scope. Is that the same setting?

It seems I may have broken something while poking around because when I log over to I can’t see the org I’m part of anymore and can’t even browse to the settings page for our org on, so it seems I broke something?

Any idea on how to fix this without completely uninstalling the Github App and reinstalling it?

Never mind. Granting Access to Codecov in the Third-party application section of our organization restored access to the settings and also fixed the access to the Team Yaml page.

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