Trying to restore CodeCov Integration - apollo-link-rest OSS Repo on ApolloGraphQL


I, @fbartho am the current maintainer of GitHub - apollographql/apollo-link-rest: Use existing REST endpoints with GraphQL

This repo has a codecov.yaml file, so I went to to try to see why we weren’t getting codecov reports. Looking in the Codecov Dashboard panels, I can see that the Github Org ApolloGraphQL has authorized Codecov for access to its repos. Great news!

Then I went to find the repo, and it wasn’t in Enabled repos, and not in “Not yet setup Repos”

I clicked re-sync and this problem didn’t resolve itself

Since the ApolloGraphQL org has authorized I’d love to figure out why this isn’t working!


N/A GitHub - apollographql/apollo-link-rest: Use existing REST endpoints with GraphQL

Codecov Output

I’m before this point.

Expected Results

I would expect to see status for this repo that would tell me something about what’s going wrong.

Actual Results

Can’t see the repo.

Additional Information


@fbartho, strange, I think we might have outdated data on your account. Would you be able to

  1. Log out of Codecov
  2. Delete all * and * cookies
  3. Log back into Codecov

Let me know if you are still unable to see the organization which should show up in the dropdown on Codecov:

I followed your instructions, deleting my cookies for both * and *

After logging back in, and hitting resync / clicking around, I still don’t see the ApolloGraphQL org under all-my-orgs.

image of org-picker

When I check org-access, I see this:

So the organization has enabled access to codecov, – at least as far as I can tell.

@fbartho can you confirm that you are an admin for the apollographql/apollo-link-rest repository?