Unable to use sourcegraph extension in a private repo

I am trying to use the Codecov sourcegraph extension for a private repo following the instructions here: https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph-codecov/blob/master/README.md

The repo is private to a company’s codecov team, which is using the github marketplace integration. I do not see a way to generate a Codecov API token for this team.

On my personal Codecov team, I see a tab “Access” which lets me generate an API token. I entered this token into the Codecov sourcregraph extension, but the private repo is still not showing coverage with the extension.

On the github repo, my console has an Uncaught RepoNotFoundError error and on other public repos using Codecov, this extension is working as expected.

Any ideas how to get this extension working for this private repo? Maybe I need an api token on the company’s Codecov team?

Hi @Elliot128

I think we were working together in a ticket as well, were you able to reach out to SourchGraph support on this?

Yes we were, thank you for clarifying that sourcegraph owns the plug-in.

I did submit an issue to their repo, and it looks like they had a regression due to GitHub changing their Dom. They’ve already merged a fix in. Looks like their next release should have it.

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Awesome! Thanks for the followup, hope it’s released and you are unblocked soon.