Showing out of date PRs


When I go to the Pulls page for my project, I see listed as “Open” PRs which have been merged.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Pulls
  2. Look at list of “Open”

Expected behavior: Not see PRs which have been closed (one of which was closed 4 days ago)
Actual behavior: PR remains open with no way to tell codecov to recheck.

Flakiness? Some PRs do close, others do not.

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I reported this 2 or 3 times over the past couple years, but unfortunately nothing ever happened.

There are plenty such PRs which are closed but listed as open by Codecov e.g. here:

Thanks @dopplershift for well written ticket. I was able to reproduce your issue and have added to our Jira board as an issue. Thanks for your patience while we dig into this.

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