Cannot type in to Global Yaml for organisation

Hi all,

I am trying to add a team bot in the Global Yaml for an organisation that I am an admin of. For some reason I cannot type into this field, I’ve tried on 2 different accounts on 2 different laptops that are both admins of the organisation in Bitbucket but nothing comes up in the field when typing.

I am not sure why this is happening as for my personal organisation I can update the Global Yaml fine.

If anyone has experience this before or could offer any guidance on how to get this resolved that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

@jackwalk127 are you able to provide your username and the org name?

Hi @tom , my username is jackforesightmobile and the org is clip-it

@jackwalk127 sorry about that, we put in a fix earlier last week. It seems that you have made the change in the global yaml now?

@tom That’s working now thanks very much!