Codecov does not show project after renaming it in GitHub


After renaming a project in a GitHub organization, the project page on CodeCov shows a 301 Error (Permanently moved), but the new project page is not available from the “not yet setup” list. Directly navigating to it shows a 500 (Internal Server Error). The problem persists for a week now.


On Github: GitHub - ssciwr/adaptivefiltering: Adaptive Ground Point Filtering Library
CodeCov old: Codecov
CodeCov “new”: Codecov

Expected Results

The new project name should show up in the “not yet setup” list of my organization. The sync wheel should stop spinning.

Additional Information

I have tried a lot of things: Revoking access to Codecov and readding it, clearing caches in between, switching to the GitHub app etc. E.g. the accepted answer from this question did do nothing for me, although the problem description is very similar: How to update project URL after moving GitHub repo to an organization - #9 by pzelasko

@dokempf, have you added the GitHub app integration to this repository?

@tom Yes, it is installed organization-wide for all projects.

Hi @dokempf, there were some changes on GitHub that require additional permissions for new organizations. You will need an admin to authorize Codecov as a third-party application.[YOUR_ORG_NAME]/settings/oauth_application_policy

If the request is not there, you may need to log out of Codecov, clear cookies, and log back in. This should take you through the GitHub oauth flow. Let me know if that was the case for you.

I had already granted access in the way you mention @tom , but that was not sufficient. I have now found a solution, although it is far from optimal: Temporarily removing third-party access restrictions entirely has led to the repository being shown on codecov.