Renamed github project leads to tricky situation and 404


I renamed my repository on github but this seems to have broken codecov a bit. Reports are still being sent, but the repo on codecov still has old name however it says commits cannot be found, entire dash is kinda blank.

I tried deleting the project to no avail. Codecov still shows the repo as it’s old name.

Is there any way to “force” codecov to re index?


Hi @bastienboutonnet, sorry for the late reply and thanks for your patience here. I noticed you made a commit 7 days ago that was pulled by Codecov. Is this fixed for you?

Hi @tom
No worries, better late than never. It seems to have solved itself. Not sure what happened but I guess maybe you guys do some refreshing in the background or so to get the renamed repos.

Seems to work all well now to thanks!