Coverage for Android Instrumentation across mutli module project


I am failing to upload coverage for my “core” android library module with the tests being present in my “app” module, GitHub issue here


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run a build for the modularisation branch
  2. After success see a 28% decrease in project coverage in the report

Expected behavior: A merged coverage report for all modules incorporating unit & instrumentation tests

Actual behavior: Only unit test coverage uploaded

Flakiness? All the time



Additional Information

It could be possible that jacoco does not support this but I am not well versed in its functionality as I usually just install a plugin and run a gradle task. Any help in alleviating this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Jacoco has a time stamp on the report, and if you are using a CI provider like Jenkins you may be uploading cached reports which Codecov would ignore as expired.

Can you clone the bash uploader step and add -d so you can examine the uploads (clone because -d won’t upload) to view the timestamps and ensure you are uploading them and they are not expired? (more then 12 hours old)

@drazisil I doubt that is happening as my report was uploaded here as linked by this travis build

This isn’t actually a bug with codecov but I was just hoping somebody more knowledgeable than I would know how to fix this situation. I have created a repro project on GitHub here if that is of any help TL:DR am idiot, all is well