Having issues with Codecov patch

90% we never get the report for codecov/patch. Most of the time we do get codecov/project report for our PRs. Some of problematic commit SHAs are:

  1. https://github.com/fubotv/fubotv_android_v3/pull/2099/commits/ddf6cb645fbb78c1850a47f65b5c23a2c711ae14
  2. https://github.com/fubotv/fubotv_android_v3/pull/2099/commits/df2b828e0aaf0c506d67b1e29b5a851ddf25eb2b

Hi @kpl-goel, sorry for taking awhile to get back to you here. We made some changes on our side which should help with this issue. Would you let me know if you are still experiencing it going forward?