The project branch is not synchronized in codecov

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A new branch was created in the project, but there was no synchronization in codecov, causing the logo in the project readme file to not display properly


Expected Results

The logo is displayed normally

@yuluo-yx can you please give more details here? What was the new branch name? Where is it not showing? Are you talking about the badge? If so, what do you see and what are you expecting?

Thank you very much for your answer. I am currently contributing to the spring cloud alibaba community.

2022.x is the default branch:

codecov’s badge status: shows unknown

When I clicked on the logo, I found that the branch shown on the codecov page did not have 2022. x.

I want the logo to display the 2022.x branch information properly. In other words, how can I add a new branch of 2022.x to codecov!

@yuluo-yx it’s been over a year since the last commit to this repository. You likely will need to upload a coverage report to Codecov from that branch for it to show up.